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Dick and Dom

  • dickdomDick and Dom unfortunatley ended on Saturday 11th of March 2006.  HOWEVER, we at DickandDom.com believe the legend should live ON !!!

    Lets take a look at the show that changed Saturday mornings for ever !

    Dick and Dom in da Bungalow was an Award winning CBBC children’s television series presented by the double act Dick and Dom – Richard McCourt (“Dick”) and Dominic Wood (“Dom”). The show was aimed at the CBBC Channel’s target audience, it enjoyed a large cult following amongst students.

    In the final series, Series 5, five children and one celebrity guest (known as Bungalow Heads) came to “stay the weekend” in their “bungalow”. Throughout the two shows (on Saturday, 9 am to 11 am and Sunday, 9 am to 10 am), the Bungalow 32323 Heads attempted to win bungalow points, by playing various oddly-named and weirdly themed games, which converted to prizes at the end of the episode. The show also featured the talents of the other cast members: Lee Barnett, Dave Chapman, Ian Kirkby and Melvin Odoom as random other characters as required. The show was produced by Steve Ryde and directed by Simon Hepworth.

    Since the bungalow ended on the BBC, there have been other shows that were made by the same production team who created Da Bungalow. Shows including The Slammer (which featured the four main bungalow regulars). Harry Batt (which had a guest appearance from Dick & Dom and the bungalow regulars – although it was only one episode for CBBC’s Gina’s Laughing Gear. None of the stars of Da Bungalow have appeared in the recent CBBC show made by Steve Ryde, Chute!, apart from when Dick & Dom made an appearance on the sixth episode of the current series, which was broadcast on Thursday 8 November 2007.

    The show happened to end the same day as CBBC’s rival CITV launched its own channel.