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  • dick and dom celebrities

    dick and dom celebrities

    The main rule of ‘da Bungalow’ was that there were no celebrities allowed, except for Comic Relief. Celebrity Bungalow Heads included: Fearne Cotton, Chris Parker and Timmy Mallett.

    The lack of celebrity was symbolised in earlier series by the presence of a minor, and often somewhat cult, celebrity, locked up in a cage in the dungeon of the Bungalow. In later series, the celebrity would sit in the attic. In both cases they would say nothing and often do nothing. Some people who have been in the cage or the attic include: Vince Earl, Sarah Greene, John Kettley, Hugo Myatt (as Treguard from Knightmare), Su Pollard, Bodger and Badger and Peter Simon.

    For the final series, however, this rule was changed, and five Bungalow Heads were joined by a Celebrity Bungalow Head.

    The first celebrity to enter the Bungalow was Rachel Stevens. It seems, however, that she did not know what she was letting herself in for; she later stormed out when it was time for the finale of the show, Creamy Muck Muck: Muckversity Challenge. Melvin Odoom had to take her place in the sketch, given that she obviously did not want to be covered in creamy muck muck. Reports suggest that Dick & Dom have banned Rachel Stevens from any live broadcast they do in the future

    List of celebrities

    Comic Relief in Da Bungalow In order of appearance;

    * Brian Conley
    * Fearne Cotton
    * Rowland Rivron
    * Siân Lloyd
    * Ed Byrne
    * Michelle Heaton
    * Andy Scott-Lee
    * Antony Worrall Thompson
    * Poojah Shah
    * Colin McAllister
    * Justin Ryan
    * Sheila Ferguson
    * Kirsten O’Brien
    * Chris Colquhoun
    * Gina Yashere
    * Tom Fletcher
    * Danny Jones
    * Dougie Poynter
    * Iwan Thomas
    * Lisa Scott-Lee
    * Will Mellor
    * Chris Parker
    * Fran Cosgrave
    * Timmy Mallett

    Pro Celebrity Bogies In order of appearance; (* indicates they won the game)

    * Rupert Grint*
    * Craig Doyle
    * Carol Vorderman
    * Sara Cox*
    * Chris Moyles*
    * Lady Isabella Hervey
    * John McCririck*
    * Jodie Marsh*
    * Keith Harris and Orville
    * Lisa Scott-Lee
    * Dani Harmer*

    Series 5 In order of appearance;

    * Rachel Stevens
    * Eugene Sully
    * Paul Danan
    * Dani Harmer
    * Andy McNab
    * Gina Yashere
    * Kate Lawler
    * Adam Woodyatt
    * Al Murray
    * Tony Christie
    * David Grant
    * Ewen Macintosh
    * Ryan Moloney
    * Freddie Starr
    * Bobby Davro
    * Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
    * Brian Conley
    * Julia Winter
    * Oliver Skeete
    * Charlie Higson
    * Fearne Cotton
    * David Schneider
    * Lizo Mzimba
    * Sara Cox ( who appeared on the penultimate episode. There was no celebrity bungalow head for the last edition.