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Favourite Games

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    Dick and Dom’s Top Ten All Time Favourite Games

    On the final ten Saturday shows Dick and Dom replayed their favourite games on the bungalow ever. These were:

    1. Make Dick Sick (or Make Dom Vom)
    2. Musical Splatues
    3. Do Not Laugh Or You Will Lose
    4. Heads Shoulders Knees and Toast
    5. Don’t Go Daddy
    6. Fairly Hairy Fizzogs
    7. The Mucky Puddle Power Shower Game
    8. Sweet Face
    9. The Bungalow Small Change Hunt
    10. What A Sweaty Flap

    List of other games

    Some other games featured include:

    * Baby Race
    * Balloon Bang-a-Bang
    * Bangers and Dash
    * Barky Cluckinson’s Alfresco Pie Challenge
    * Blind Man’s Buff Man
    * Bogey Cars
    * Brum Brum Ding Ding Sing Sing
    * Bungalow Battle Bots (including many variations of this game)
    * Bungalow Boffin (where they played a game invented by a viewer)
    * Bungalow Bingo
    * Bungalow Head Bungalow Heads
    * Bungalow Head Household Appliances
    * Bungalow Rodeo
    * Cat Mad Do
    * Caution! Wet Wildlife
    * Celebrity Two Word Tango (later appeared as a feature on The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1)
    * Cereal Race
    * Craggy Anal Bag Tag
    * DC Harry Batt’s Interrogation Game
    * Do I Know You Or Snot?
    * Do Not Laugh or You Will Lose
    * Don’t Drop Your Guts / Don’t Drop The Sausage
    * Don’t Go Daddy
    * Euugghhhh… Yum Yum
    * Eeenymeanymackerrackerraridominackashickapoppadickywhopperrompomstick [Series 5 It was called Eeenymeanymackerrackerraridominackashickapoppadickapoppaompomstick]
    * Fat On Your Back
    * Get Out Of That!
    * Grasping Rasping Wrinklies
    * Harry Batt’s Interrogation Game
    * Jonny Rowe’s Slap Bass in da Bungalow
    * Make Dick Sick (or Make Dom Vom)
    * Melvin Odoom’s Gurn Baby Gurn
    * Mince Pie Mouthfuls
    * Muck or No Muck?
    * Musical Splatues
    * My Gang
    * Nae Body Move
    * Painty Painty Paint Paint Painty Paint Paint
    * Pocket’s Noise Scream Challenge
    * Pop My Saggy Bags
    * Pumpy Rumpy
    * Push Plop Protein
    * Raymond Farmer’s Farmyard Races
    * Repetition Competition
    * Run Prize Idiot Run
    * Santa’s Sack Race
    * Shave and Vac
    * Short Change Hunt
    * Snot Danglies
    * Splat and Scatter
    * That’s the Stuff
    * The All Electric Granny Snog Quiz
    * The Big Bad Blooming Bungalow Bonus Bonanza Banging Booty Break
    * The Crying Game
    * The Dubbing Game
    * The Mucky Puddle Power Shower Game
    * There’s a Face in My Bucket
    * There’s a Famous Face in My Bucket (with the end face tending to represent Rachel Stevens )
    * Toddler Tug of War
    * Translation Game
    * Tricky Training
    * Two Word Tango
    * Wappy Feet (Variations include hoppy and sloppy feet)
    * What a Sweaty Flap
    * What’s In The Box
    * Watch Out, Yeti’s about
    * Yes I Have Trifle* Trousers (* or mini-meringue, or pies, or jelly and ice cream-birthday cake etc.)
    * You’ll Never Do That With a Carcass On Your Hands
    * Yum Yum Yack